Bro C.E.DASAN Biography In Briefly

BROTHER C.E.DASAN ( February 8, 1918 – October 23, 1985 )
CHRISTANUJAM EDWARD DASAN was named after the great Indian mathematician and autodidact Ramanujam. He was an Indian Theologian, Author, Expository Teacher of the Bible and Non Denominational Church Elder. His Grand Father Moses Devadasan was in the tea plantation business and owned the Woodlands Estate of Nagerkoil, South India. Bro. C.E.Dasan was the first among five children born to George Devadasan and Agnes Dasan in Madras on February 8, 1918. When he was only 9 his father passed away and the widowed Mrs. Agnes Dasan worked as a School teacher and took tuitions at home to support and care for her children. She taught them stories from the Bible, took them regularly to the Church and made them attend Sunday School. Another tragedy came into the life of young C.E. Dasan. His mother passed away when he was barely 15. All the orphaned children except C.E.Dasan were sent to live with their uncle Mr. D.M. Devasagayam in NagerKoil. The young C.E. Dasan was separated from his siblings and was retained in Madras.
He was sent to DovetonCorrie, Purasawalkam, a boarding School known for its high standards in English. He then joined St.Pauls in Purasawalkam. Later he graduated in Mathematics from The Madras Christian College, George Town, Madras with a B.A., L.T degree. C.E. Dasan had a Christian upbringing by his Godly mother. Therefore he was often convicted of his sins, but found it difficult to repent. He grew up with the opinion that all good people both Christians or non-Christians will eventually go to heaven. Having lost his loving parents and separated from his siblings at an early age of his life, lonely and alone, in the next ten years he slowly and steadily lost interest in the Bible and the Church. He was judgmental of Church going Christians who lived a carnal life and turned towards the study of Hindu Scriptures. He joined the Indian National Congress Party to gain independence from the British Raj and was seriously involved in its various activities of the Congress Party as a dedicated freedom fighter. At 25, by the providence of God, he met Bro. Bakht Singh Chabra through his old student, was drawn by God to Calvary and became a Christian. After his conversion he resigned his Government Job and became a School teacher serving in various schools at Thiruvannamalai and Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu. He married Sister Chandra Stephen on February 25, 1953 in the Church at Jehovah-Shamma, Madras.Their only son John Immanuel Dasan works for the Indian Government in The New Delhi National Museum. In the year 1945 it became clear to Bro. Dasan that God wanted him to take up full time ministry. Since 1945 he had been working with Bro. Bakht Singh Chabra as his co-worker in the Lord’s ministry. Despite not taking any professional training in any Theological Seminary, Bro. C.E.Dasan held ‘Sola-Scriptura’ above everything else in his hermeneutics. He followed the literal method of interpreting the Scriptures and did not allegorize the text of the Bible un-necessarily. He has not allegorized even the book of Revelation in his publication titled “The Story of the Ages”. He strictly interpreted the Scripture by Scripture alone in his sermons and writing ministry. His teaching on the doctrine of Hell is explicit and he has clearly warned that a Loving but righteous God will surely send those who reject His Love and trample upon the blood of Christ to an eternal Hell where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched. He was a strict cessationalist and did not believe in the doctrine of the 2nd experience. He has warned those who add or remove any portion of the Holy Scriptures with severe consequences. His eschatological view was futuristic with a pre tribulation rapture of the Church followed by the unveiling of the Anti-Christ and the seven year tribulation period upon the Earth, climaxed by the Parousia and the Lord’s establishment of the Millennial kingdom, followed by the final battle, the Great White Throne Judgment concluding the present age and ushering in Eternity. The soft spoken Brother C.E. Dasan was a bold and authoritative teacher of the doctrines of the Bible. He served the Lord as an Elder in the Church at Hebron, Golconda Cross Roads, Hyderabad A.P and Jehovah Shamma, Madras alongside Bro. Bakht Singh Chabra and his co-workers. Brother. C.E.Dasan has written several articles in spiritual journals and spiritual magazines most notably in the ‘Hebron Messenger’ published and circulated world wide by Hebron, Hyderabad, A.P.
“Man’s knowledge and man’s capacities are so limited, that he is not able to understand even himself”
“The word of God, the Holy bible, is more reliable than any scientist. It is infallible. It is God’s provision and gift to us”
“A day is coming when many people, men, women and children, in every part of the world, will disappear suddenly in a mysterious way”
“The saints of God will come from heaven to the earth with the Lord Jesus at His glorious Second Coming”
“It is God’s purpose that we should have intimate relationship with the Triune God”
.“But first and foremost we must understand the meaning of the Church, its dependence upon Christ, and its subjection to His Lordship”
“God does not want us to be independent believers each doing whatever is right in his own eyes; independent preachers each going his own way”