March 4th


“ Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding”( Prov. 3:5)

            By ignoring God’s leading and disobeying His commands we will become spiritually blind. Today we find many people have lost their vision concerning the things of God because of disobedience or because of partial obedience. For example, king Saul obeyed God partially and as a result of it he was rejected by God. David also fell into the temptation of numbering his great army and thus took pride in his strength ( 2 Sam. 24:2,3). He knew full well that all his victories were won by God and not by his own strength of army, he did not defeat Goliath by his own might or cleverness. He fought against Goliath in the Name of the Lord God and so defeated him ( 1 Sam. 17:45, 50). Yet in his old age he yielded to the temptation of counting the number of his army. Joab, the commander of his army tried to save him from this mistake but David’s determination prevailed. It revealed the fact that David’s eyes were upon the large number of his people and not upon God. That is why God brought him upon his face on a threshing floor. In this way David had to learn to put his trust only on the Lord.
            This kind of temptation comes to all of us. We are tempted to depend upon our own will power, ability or knowledge to overcome our temptations or to do God’s service. Many people depend upon their cameras, buildings and properties. They think by having all these things they will have more fruit and see good results. For fruitful ministry, we have to cast ourselves upon the Lord for every situation. Even preachers, if they depend upon their past blessings and achievements, will cut away the chance of seeing much fruit. Day after day we need to ask God our Lord to touch our lips, tongues and throats and give us His own message for His people. Only then will our ministry be blessed with full life and freshness.
            It is necessary that we go on our knees and ask the Lord to anoint us and give us His message day by day. We should never depend upon our own cleverness, ability or energy for preparing message as it will not lead to a triumphant and useful life. In order to teach all this, God asked Joshua to circumcise the people. He reminded them that they would be able to conquer the seven great nations and occupy the land of Canaan only by depending upon the strength of the Lord and not by depending upon their own weapons of war or large size of army or their own cleverness or scheming.