March 20th


“And he (Christ) is the head of the body, the church” ( Col.1:18)
In Ephesians 1:23 the Church is called the Body of Christ. Those who have not received the life of the Lord Jesus Christ have no right to be called the members of His Body. For instance, take a man with an artificial leg. It may be a very good leg, and may help the man to walk very nicely. Yet it is not a part of his body. It has to be fixed with many bolts, nuts and straps into its position, otherwise it may fall down somewhere. Now in what way is your arm joined to your body? Is it held by nuts, bolts and straps? No, the human life flowing through all the members of the members of the body holds them together. In the same way those who are born again and in whom the life of the Lord Jesus has been poured, are the members of the Body of Christ, which is the church.
                        In the human body there are many members and many organs; head, hands, feet, eyes, blood vessels. Some are large and some are small. No man would happily lose a member of his body. Every member is necessary and important, and has a function to fulfill. In the same way every one of us, who is a member in the Body of Christ, has a service to fulfill and a gift to exercise, we have to fulfill our allotted part faithfully and also be satisfied to be what we are. Whoever you are, if you are a member in the Body f Christ your service is equally important and precious to the Lord.
                        The secret of true joy and usefulness is this: you must realize that you are a member in the Body of Christ, and Christ is your Head. Suppose the member of a human body could all move separately without the control of the head; you cannot even imagine it! The human body is not like that. The members are all governed by the head and they act in unity. In the same way the members of the Church have to be controlled by the Head, Christ. Then only can you have the living Church. If God’s fullness is to be seen in an assembly or church, it is essential that every member individually, and the church as a whole, should acknowledge Christ as the Head. Because of failure to do this many assemblies have no life. The people are governed by personal interest. The result is, there are parties strife and quarrels among them.