March 14th


“They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed” (Psa.34:5).
                        In the year 1947 a ship came to Southampton carrying about 1, 530 soldiers returning home from a battlefield. When the ship arrived, many friends and relatives had come to the harbor to receive their loved ones. A young girl also had come to meet her fiancĂ© who had been separated since the beginning of the war. War or no war no one could change their hearts and they remained faithful to each other. There she was going up and down the dock, looking this way and that, searching eagerly. But all the men looked alike. They all wore the same kind of uniform. Would she be able to recognize her young man in such a large crowd? As the soldiers saw her walking to and fro on the dock they began to mock. She took no notice of what they said. Her young man had written to her and so she knew he must be there somewhere on the ship. Suddenly she heard her name called “Oh!” she said joyfully, “That is my young man. There he is, there he is!” Nearly a thousand eyes had been trying to draw away her attention but all in vain. In the same way, once we know our Lord by experience no man or woman can draw our eyes from Him.
                        It is our longing that our eyes also may be fixed upon the Lord. There may be extreme persecution; there may be rebuke, ridicule or mockery for His Name’s sake. We may be even hated by our own parents, friends, relations or neighbours. All this may happen to us sooner or later. Many believers have been drawn away by men, women, money and position. They have denied their Lord. But our Lord loves us, and He is saying to us again and again, “Look unto Me, look unto Me… all the ends of the world” (Isa. 45:22). What a loving invitation! Our Lord is saying to all of us, “Whatever may be your difficulty, or trial or temptation, you look unto Me.”  That is the secret of victory.
                        The Lord is calling you whatever your fears, your troubles or afflictions may be, to look unto Him. First of all, David came to the Lord with tears of repentance and sorrow; then there was joy upon his face. The Psalmist says, “They looked unto Him and their faces were radiant” Straightway their faces radiant. We can say these words with authority; “All your afflictions, troubles and trails and trials can disappear provided you look at the One, Who loved you and died for you.” He is saying these words showing you His wounded hands and wounded feet, “Look unto Me and see what I have done for you. How much I suffered for you to forgive you, and to transform you, and to take away all your fears, afflictions and trials.” Look unto Him today and you also will become radiant.