November 9th


“When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost” (John 6:12)
            Though the Lord Jesus Christ blessed the five loaves and two fishes, the disciples had the honour to go and distribute them. He did not ask strong sturdy men to serve. Only the disciples are mentioned. Others could not be co-workers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only those who are truly born again and follow the Lord, can be His co-workers.
            The disciple were carrying the bread blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ, and only the Word which is blessed will satisfy. Many have much knowledge and can argue very effectively and yet when they speak they do not do good, but harm. Other people say only a few words but you get strength and inspiration from their broken words, because every word which is being spoken is being blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ. You must pray every morning, “Lord, anoint my lips tongue, and throat today. I acknowledge my foolishness. Lord, I would like to help So and So, so help me to give the right word for the people.” Then you will find throughout that day somebody is given the bread of life through you. Even a few words are sufficient to answers the questions of a seeker provided the Lord Jesus speaks it. Whenever a hungry soul comes to you, try to satisfy their hunger with the Bread of life. There are some who come with a small problem and some with large and many problems, but we must be prepared to answer every question, and to satisfy everybody. Have patience to hear their story; it does not matter how long it may be, because, though to you the trouble may not be serious, it is very important to them, and we have sufficient food to give for all their problems.
            “…and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full” (Matt.14:20).
From this we learn from them that our Lord does not like wastage. If we as disciples of the Lord Jesus have to satisfy the hungry, and especially the hunger of the multitude, then we must learn that lesson. There should not be any wastage in our life. Yet we waste many things. We waste our time, our energy, our food, and many other things, and that is why our time, our energy, our food, and many other things, and that is why our lives are not satisfying the hungry people. God does not like wastage. Can we say sincerely that our time is being profitably spent, or do we waste the time in ordinary conversation or in things of little value? Supposing you have one or two hours to wait for a train, or a bus. Do you spend it by reading magazine or books, or looking at the walls or seeing people going by? Can you say you make the best use of your time? Whether in the bus station or railway platform, time should be spent profitably either in reading the Bible or in giving testimony or in some other useful way. You must make the best use of every second because there are hungry and needy people who need to be satisfied spiritually.